How to Launch a Product in 2016

Have you heard all of the rage? Launching a product on Amazon is the fastest way to make easy money in 2016. It was in 2015, and 2014… and the trend is still on the rise. Hordes of people are coming to Amazon trying to get the gold in them hills! What does that mean for you dear Amazon seller? It’s time to adjust your strategy.

In 2015, launching a product was pretty simple.

  1. Listing optimization.
  2. Giveaway a #@% ton of units.
  3. Wait for a couple of reviews, and turn on PPC.

In 2016, we pivot.

  1. Listing optimization. If you’re not filling out every character of a listing, you’re missing out. Titles, bullets, keywords, they’re still all “in”. This is free real estate, and its all about location-location-location! In 2016, long titles are dead. If they aren’t dead, they’re on their last leg. Amazon is cracking down on friendly titles, because friendly titles make for happy shoppers. Shoppers who shop mostly on mobile devices. Amazon is now offering to give up 5000 characters in most categories, which means you can target those long tail keywords all day long and still have room to spare. If you’re not maximizing’re leaving lots of money on the table.
  2. Giveaway a couple, maybe.  <<Update 02/17: As of late 2016, giveaways in exchange for reviews is a big no-no. Seller beware! Do not give away product in exchange for reviews.>> Last year, I gave away 75 units of a product and shot up to the first page like a rocket! This year, I can’t make much headway with this strategy. In fact, if you’re not careful Amazon will say you’re not playing nice with spiking sales. You have to drip, and slowly release giveaways. You’re now doing this with every one else..which means… if we’re all giving away units, we’re moving nowhere! Giveaway a few units to get some social proof, and move on. Focus more on getting your feedback sequence stellar instead.
  3. Turn on PPC yesterday. <– That idea is still causing waves. A lot of people still say you need some proof before you turn it on. Scott Voelker had some podcast saying he said to hell with it, and turned it on Day 1 for his most recent product. I’ve been saying this for months. PPC gets eyeballs. Eyeballs gets sales. Sales gets organic rank. Organic rank gets sales. Sales gets organic rank. Round and round we go friends!
  4. Try new strategies. What does that mean? Build a list all of your own. If you’re brand new, maybe its time to tell Aunt Gertrude and your third-removed cousin all about your new venture. Partner with people with a big following, or consider taking out some ads. When everyone else is zigging, you’ve got to zag my friend! This year is the year of creativity. The creative bird gets the worm this year!

Have a strategy you can share? List it below so we can adapt and overcome together!


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