2017 : Set Your Goals High

In 2016, my keyword was “focus”. This year, I’ve opted for “set your goals high” or just a quick word “goals”. Someone once said, a goal not written down is just a dream. In last year’s same fashion, I plan on writing out my SMART goals and succeeding by year’s end.

You may remember last years goal was 32 SKUs and $250,000 in revenue. I wrote the initial post here.  This year, I have a lot of lofty goals.

“Financial Goals”

All of my goals build around a financial goal. People do not understand those with an entrepreneurial spirit often find their “hobby” revolves around business. My mother says when she retires she will not be doing certain things (she’s a solo-preneur on Etsy.) I told her, I plan on doing this for the rest of my life. I love business. If I could spend all of my hours doing something related, I would. So, you’ll find I set my financial goals and build additional goals around them but without a dollar amount attached. Without further ado, here’s 2017 in a nutshell.

  1. Amazon: $1,000,000 gross revenue
  2. Etsy 1: $24,000 gross revenue

“Personal Goals”

  1. Build a blog around etsy business (no monetary goals here)
  2. Build this blog up which focuses on quitting my day job (no monetary goals here)
  3. Rebuild an Amazon brand to Shopify
  4. Trademark brand in above goal

Call for Plan of Action

Goals are great, but if you don’t have a plan of action to get there – you’re just wasting paper.

Now my S/O makes fun of me because I write in tons of notebooks. A lot of it is “chicken scratch” but I write in a notebook every day. (THESE are my favorite. ) But let’s face it, no map means you can just drive in circles or get lost heading in the right direction. Alright, so back on track – these are my goals with the plan of action.

  1. $1,000,000 gross revenue

A tall order right? Last year I just missed $400,000 and now I want to hit a $1,000,000. Rather than be a naysayer, let’s map out how I’ll get there. $1,000,000 over 12 months puts me at selling $83,333 each month. Realistically I know my sales don’t take off until 4th quarter. I have some aggressive goals this year which means I’ll need to invest in more products that have high seasonality so I can try and grab more sales. I’ve adjusted my goals to reflect the prior two years trends. Quarter 1: I plan on shooting for $30,000 each month. In Quarter 2: I am going to go for $50,000. In Quarter 3, I’m going to goal for $60,000, $75,000, then $90,000.  In Quarter 4, I am going to try for $100,000, $135,000 and then $300,000. I know. A tall order. I’ve got to manage a lot of SKUs to hit this. I’m going to spend more time dissecting this idea later this month but this is the focus.

  1. Etsy brand 1: $24,000

I’m starting from scratch on this one. It will actually be something I plan to launch that will cross over to my Amazon. I’ll sell what I can there, utilize the Amazon custom features, Merch by Amazon features and see what happens. For the Etsy buyer, I hope to reach into this market as well. I am developing instant download products for passive income. I’ll utilize a VA long term to build up this offering, but that’s not a focus until probably March. For now I want to build the foundation before I let others step in and join the team. Getting here will not be an easy feat. I’m considering taking a coaching course to start to see what I do not know. I used to run an Etsy business and hit over $30,000 a year part time so I’m confident if I can get it up and running quickly it’ll work itself out.

My Personal Goals.

It’s no secret I’m motivated by the dollar. It’s not necessarily that I want to buy something or have a lavish lifestyle. I simply want to turn $1 into $2. It’s a sickness. I think my personal goals in the past have suffered for this reason. I plan on being aggressive with scheduling for personal goals this year so I have something to reflect on by end of year.

  1. Build a blog around etsy business (no monetary goals here)

I’ve actually got a lot going on in this department. For my brand (see etsy brand 1) I’m hiring a craft blogger to help me develop posts directly related to my products. While I wish I had the patience here, step-by-step blogging isn’t my forte, and I’d rather pay someone to do what they are experts at. My blog I’m building personally will showcase my efforts to build an Etsy income in a 2017 where things have drastically changed since I was involved in 2011-2014. Long term, in a couple years or so, I hope to build a coaching business around this.

  1. Build this blog up (no monetary goals here)

I’d really like to put more into this blog. I always have the best intentions and then I get busy. I’m going to task out 1 post every two weeks until I can gain my footing. Maybe even consider blogging 4x in a day and release each week. Batch everything! The end goal of this blog is to show the journey of how I quit my day job (cubicle to coffee shop…) This is the year!

  1. Rebuild an Amazon brand to Shopify

I’m working on this as we speak. One of my brands in 2016 equated to about $250,000 of my revenue. I’ve tried to get brand gated with no luck. I’m hoping for a more all-encompassing rebrand to help bring in other customers when I start doing Facebook ads. I’m considering hiring a social media manager part time to also keep up with this. For January, I’m having a VA put all of my products on Shopify for this month’s goal. (hopefully done this weekend)

  1. Trademark brand in above goal

My brand name prior was too closely related to another company in a similar niche, already trademarked so that application was a goner. This was my own fault for poor research. This time I am applying with the new name, and have researched much better. I hope to have an answer to this by May. (If I finish this month)

How to Stay on Task in a Busy World

  1. I bought a large calendar. 24x 36, and it starts on Mondays.
  2. I’m starting a new notebook for the year with a two page allotted to planning out each business idea. I mapped out the goals for each month, and their purpose to getting me to the ultimate goal.
  3. I set up calendar alerts to remind of what needs to get done.

Tell me lone reader out there, what are your goals this year?

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