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5 Common Blogging Questions

How much can you make blogging on your own site?

To start? Nothing. But as you put in the sweat equity, it will come out ten fold. Some may as little as a couple bucks, others make thousands of dollars. If you display ads, depending on your niche, you could expect a good rule of thumb of earning $1 per 1000 visitors. Considering the amount of work you foresee, it doesn’t seem like a lot. BUT as you diversify, and gain more traffic you’ll make hundreds more.

How often should I post a new blog to my site?

My rule of thumb is as often as you can handle. But you should schedule 1 post per week to be released. So maybe you have tons of excitement now, but you’ve got a lot of plans coming up. Schedule each post to release a week in advance, so you don’t worry. And your blog has the appearance of being worked on often.

What the heck is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization what a mouthful. SEO is a long way of saying you optimize so maybe search engines will recommend your pages as a solution to someone’s query. As a new blogger, SEO is just demotivating entirely. Ignore it. I mean, optimize, it will pay off eventually… but don’t get bogged down when you don’t see the meter move.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

For your first year, you will pay about $50 with the domain cost so it averages to about $4 per month. You can learn about the provider I recommend here.

How do I know what a page view is and how many I am getting?

You want to sign up for a FREE Google Analytics account and use the Google Site Kit plugin to see all of this. There’s only a few steps to set up a blog and I recommend installing this plugin from the start.

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