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I’m Valerie, the face, writer, jill of all trades behind the site Cube to Coffee. Being able to earn money (and save it) in the work from home world has been a goal of mine for a long time. I’ve tried many ventures and as I started over and over, I decided it was time to help others learn from my own mistakes and accomplishments! This is a sort of lifestyle blog meets personal finance and side hustles… it’s dedicated to learning new ways to make money, save money and the different entrepreneurial ventures you can take to make it happen.

How I Got Here

I’m an 80s baby so that makes me part of the Millenial crowd. I’m at the weird cusp of “xennials” where I was taught to value a college education, and the idea of going out and having a non-traditional paycheck makes me kinda nervous. I saw the rotary phone, and now we FaceTime. I remember when you had to dial after 9pm to not use your minutes, and when you rushed over the couch to get a snack during a commercial break.

With that in mind, I went to school on and off for years before I decided on a Psychology degree. After that, I didn’t know what to do with myself so I went back and got a Master’s Degree in Economics. Because the one thing I did know was that the psychology of the buyer, the reasons and habits of a consumer… that thrilled me.

I love making a dollar turn to two. My first entrepreneurial memory was “selling” my Dad the crunchy french fries from my McDonald’s happy meal, that he paid for.

In 2007 I started my first Etsy site creating messenger bags. I sold a lot. And I sewed a lot. And then I was like, nope, too much for me and moved on.

In 2014 I started an Amazon account and learned about FBA. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of FBA for a while. The idea of giving amazon 25-30% of my sale seemed terrible. But in 2015, something clicked and I started grossing 6-figures annually. In 2016, I had my best year hitting $400k, and netting about $100k in profit. I learned a lot about taxes that year.

In 2017, I bought my first house and got a divorce shortly after. At that point, I quit FBA to focus on myself, and probably learned the most from making that single choice.

It’s been 5 years since, and I started to dabble occasionally in FBA in 2021. I haven’t had the bandwidth timewise to dedicate to any ventures because we started foster care in June of 2021 and it’s been my primary focus. Now that our placement is wrapping up, I’ll be focused more on making money, saving money and sharing what I’ve learned.

I do work full time 40 hours a week as a researcher utilizing my degree. I only work on hustles on the side in the evenings or weekends, so hopefully that will show you all that regardless of schedule constraints these income ideas can be done.

Where Am I Headed

I know my strength (and weakness) is that I hyperfixate. That means when I find a new hustle, I am going to read up on it until I’ve exhausted my resources.

This means I’m constantly looking at new hustle avenues, writing out the pros and cons of something, and determining what is a good fit given my life.

When discussing a new venture, I’ll be putting up times that are realistic to the side hustle, how I’m balancing my other obligations and what I think can be done. One thing I always tell my kids is, if it’s important to you, you find the time. I don’t think this is any different.

Topics I Really Enjoy

I have a few places I really love to talk about that is things like:

  • How to Make Money on Etsy
  • How to Make Money on Amazon
  • How to Make a Blog (and hopefully make money)
  • Ways to Make Money This Weekend

When it comes to finances, I struggle. After my divorce I found myself in a massive amount of debt, and I’ve been digging myself out of this hole. So you’ll see my Saving Money section discussing:

  • How we’re saving for a house
  • How to reduce credit card debt
  • How to save money while shopping online
  • How to use apps to invest and save more

Education and Experience

A lot of things I have learned from trial and error. I do not have a degree in finance. I am not an attorney. I don’t even play one on TV. While I have a college degree, that paper isn’t worth anything as it relates to advice.

So my disclaimer is: this is my personal blog. I share my experience, tips, hacks or tricks about money matters. All opinions are mine. You should not take anything from this blog as professional advice.

Lifestyle Side

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been through divorce, remarried and we are fostering two kiddos. We have two adult children (age 18/19) with one of them still at home with us finishing high school. I have a dog that’s been with me for 9 years and you may seem tips on saving money for animals here too. Or maybe pet insurance!

My hobbies and points of interest are:

  • Traveling on a budget
  • How to save money on flights
  • Ways to save on groceries (I love to cook, find cooking at
  • I also love art, podcasts, reading and watching a good episode of Gilmore Girls lol

That’s a lot about me in one sitting, so if you made it this far we should be besties!